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Living with arthritis can be daunting. Find tools to manage your condition and live well.

Find support

SA-based and here to help. Reach out to Arthritis SA for general advice or personal support.

Help others

Arthritis SA relies on the generosity of others. Get involved by donating, volunteering or fundraising.

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Here to support you

Whether you have arthritis and are in pain, have difficulty moving as well as you would like to, or want to help someone close to you living with arthritis.

Arthritis South Australia (Arthritis SA) is committed to improving the quality of life of people with arthritis and related conditions. They can be babies, because sadly even kids get arthritis, through to the elderly.

We are dedicated to reducing the social and economic burdens of arthritis. We do this by funding research, providing education and giving support.

We also create awareness about arthritis and advocate on behalf of people with arthritis at all levels of government.

1 in 4

South Australians live with arthritis

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