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Arthritis Aware Pharmacies

Arthritis SA has entered into a collaborative working partnership with selected community pharmacies who have undergone extensive training and have been supplied with approved resources and support material becoming the first Arthritis Aware Pharmacies in Australia.

Through ongoing education, support and resources these Arthritis Aware Pharmacies have committed themselves to becoming the premier locations for those people suffering from the conditions associated with arthritis and osteoporosis.

Arthritis SA would like to commend these pharmacies and their staff for their commitment to all musculoskeletal conditions and congratulate them for completing their required training.

We encourage all members and friends of Arthritis SA to actively seek out these Arthritis Aware Pharmacies.

Pharmacy Members Login

Arthritis Aware Member pharmacies can log into their training by clicking on the pharmacist or pharmacy assistant links on the right hand side and entering their login code.