Arthritis SA is pleased to announce its new hydrotherapy program for 2022.
Exciting new additions to our highly popular program include fitness testing with our exercise scientist, Kat, who will then provide you with a personalised hydro program to help you reach your goals and live well with arthritis.

Designed for those new to hydrotherapy. Begin improving your strength, flexibility, balance and fitness with a tailored program.

Track your progress! Pre and post fitness testing required for your individualised exercise program.
6-week program. 45 minute classes.

This program runs on:

Monday 12pm

Wednesday 1pm

Friday 12pm



Designed for those who are ready for more of a challenge or are regularly active. Work towards maintaining and building your health and wellbeing.

Pre and post fitness testing available on request.
12-week program. 45 minute classes.

This program runs on:

Monday 9am

Wednesday 2pm

Friday 1pm

Repeat a program as many times as you like!


Benefits include:
  • Reduced stress on joints when exercising.
  • Warmth of water (34 degrees) helps muscles relax.
  • Water provides natural resistance for building strength.
  • Safe environment for those worried about or at risk of falls.


Find out more about our hydrotherapy services and how to enrol here.