Following discussions over many months, Arthritis SA have been invited to join The Hospital Research Foundation Group (THRFG). This is a rare and exciting opportunity which offers the potential for substantial benefits to the Arthritis community in South Australia. THRFG is a responsible, experienced South Australian based Charity that is well structured and resourced both financially and executively. A total of eleven charities are already part of the group including Parkinson’s, Stroke and Palliative Care Charities. All have benefited significantly from becoming part of the Group.

The potential benefits to AFSA of joining the group would be significant. Ensuring viability and long-term financial stability, a greater ability to deliver services, education, support and advocacy and an increased focus on vital research into Arthritis.

Arthritis SA would continue as a separate charity. However if this invitation is accepted by Arthritis SA members, THRFG would become the sole member of Arthritis SA and the current board would become an Advisory Board to THRFG.

Accepting the invitation from THRFG, and making the proposed changes, can only happen through a vote by AFSA members following the consultation period. All members have been sent correspondence by mail outlining the proposal and FAQ’s.