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From Research to Results - Please support our journey to find a cure for arthritis

It is the dream of one in four South Australians that one-day arthritis may become a condition only remembered in history!

Physicians from all over the world have continued to make “discoveries” in the treatment of arthritis and with the increase in knowledge and understandings of the disease they have been able to develop specific targeted therapies for people who suffer from the ongoing pain and discomforts associated with arthritis.  

Research continues to change the way we manage people with arthritis.

Arthritis SA is deeply committed to moving arthritis research ahead in the future and finding treatment options that move beyond what is possible today. That is why Arthritis SA funds not only local research but also at a national level. 

We seek to encourage the brightest and most committed scientists and clinical professionals in all relevant disciplines to commit their energies into musculoskeletal diseases by supporting research.

Today’s Research is tomorrows Cure

Arthritis SA is about changing people’s lives and research is the key to this.

I can’t stress how critical the Arthritis SA funding is for research. Without them our progress would not be possible. This financial year, Arthritis SA will contribute over $150,000 to arthritis research.

Arthritis impacts directly on 3.85 million Australians, or 18.5% of the population and indirectly on their businesses, colleagues, friends and family

  • Emotionally and socially, the hidden costs of arthritis are immeasurable
  • Arthritis is Australia’s major cause of disability and pain
  • There are over 120 types of arthritis and related conditions
  • 1 in 1,000 children suffer from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
  • The rate of people suffering from arthritis is increasing substantially

The future….… a frightening scenario

  • By 2050, it is projected there will be 7 million Australians with arthritis
  • Arthritis SA already commits over $150,000 a year towards scientific research to find a cure for arthritis

With your help some of our aspirational research goals may be achieved:

A future free from arthritis

Supporting Arthritis SA's Research Campaign will help the patients and families struggling against this disease, and for everyone who cares about eradicating it. Your donation will support vital research programmes that may result in better treatment for arthritis sufferers. Put simply, your donation will help us achieve our vision of a future free from arthritis. Please donate today so that together we can make a real difference to the future of so many people. 

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