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Today's research is tomorrow's cure

Our 2017 Research Appeal

Your donation could  change the lives of millions of people - literally.

Among them would be those you love the most - babies and children, teenagers, mums, dads and grandparents.

That is because arthritis affects people of ALL ages and research into understanding processes that lead to arthritis and new treatments is going in leaps and bounds. Today, we know more about the development and treatment of arthritis than ever. We're at the cusp of many new discoveries including the relationship between gut bacteria and inflammation as well as the relationship between exercise and arthritis. We're also seeing new medications being developed, trialled and coming on to the market.

Arthritis SA has committed a record amount, $300,000 to research this year but we must do more in light of the high callibre of work underway. It's especially necessary  in South Australia because one in four people, a rate higher than anywhere else in Australia, has arthritis. Looking at the bigger picture:

  • Arthritis impacts directly on 3.85 million Australians
  • Arthritis costs the economy $23.9 billion a year
  • One in 1000 children suffers from inflammation

Your donation will help relieve the burden of arthritis, right here, in South Australia.


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