Complementary Medicines and Arthritis

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Do you have questions about complementary medicines for arthritis? With so many products and claims it can be hard to know what works, and what doesn’t. Some complementary medicines might also not be safe for certain people! Complementary medicines are products such as:

– Vitamins 
– Supplements  
– Herbal treatments  
– Aromatherapy   
– Certain creams, gels and lotions  
– Many more

Join Corey Borg and Elise Polisena, two pharmacists from the SA Pharmacy Medicines Information Service for this free webinar. Corey and Elise will talk about the most common complementary medicines in arthritis if they really work their safety. They will also be open to questions! The SA Pharmacy Medicines Information Service receives over 10,000 enquiries each year. They provide free advice to the public about the safe and best use of medicines. 

This free webinar will be on Thursday the 27th of April, from 7:00pm to 8:00 ACST.

This webinar has been made possible through funding from Country SA PHN.

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