WEEK 3 – 10 Steps for Living Well With Arthritis

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WEEK 1 – 10 Steps for Living Well With Arthritis – An Introduction

A general introduction to the most common types of arthritis. Learn about what is recommended and resources available to support you.

WEEK 2 – Understanding Osteoarthritis & Staying Active

Learn about osteoarthritis, its causes, what is recommended. Come and hear about what types of exercise are beneficial for arthritis.

WEEK 3 – Maintain Your Well-being – Balancing Your Life & Making Food Choices That Count

The effects of arthritis are not just physical they can impact your mental wellbeing and how you live everyday life but there are strategies that can help.

WEEK 4 – Techniques For Coping With Ongoing Pain

An interactive workshop where you will learn about simple tips to help you cope with ongoing pain.

This is a free workshop, places will fill up fast so book now to save your place!

For more information visit the webpage or to book please contact Arthritis SA.

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