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Working with your healthcare team

There are a range of healthcare professionals who may be involved in helping you manage your arthritis such as a:

  • Rheumatologist
  • Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Dietician
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Psychologist

To learn about how each health professional can help you in managing your arthritis and how to find them download the inforamtion sheet 'working with your healthcare team'. 

Blood tests and arthritis

Blood tests may be used to help confirm diagnoses, monitor disease severity and response to treatment, and check for side effects from medicines. The most common types of blood test are:

  • Rheumatoid factor (RF)
  • HLA typing
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate (ESR)
  • C-Reactive protein (CRP)
  • Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody (Anti-CCP)
  • Antinuclear antibody (ANA)

To learn more, download the information sheet 'blood tests for arthritis' which gives a general description of some of the commonly used blood tests, as well as where to find more information. This information should NOT be used in place of medical advice.