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Arthritis SA hosts parliamentary breakfast to urge government to address the burden of arthritis on South Australia

On Wednesday 5th July, 2017, Arthritis SA hosted South Australian politicians to a Parliamentary Breakfast to discuss the burden that arthritis has on the community and the lives of people affected by the condition. In 2015 the South Australian healthcare costs for arthritis was $500 million. With the states ageing population this is expected to rise annually.

 One of the key focuses for the morning was to highlight the importance for South Australia to have a model of care for osteoarthritis. Arthritis SA is committed to working collaboratively with key stakeholders and the government to implement a model of care that will provide an evidence based coordinated approach to ensure that people with osteoarthritis receive the best care at the right time for their condition.

 For more information about the burden of arthritis on South Australia and the model of care for osteoarthritis please download the ‘The Burden of Arthritis on South Australia 2017’ PDF.