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Arthritis SA issues caution over phone drug seller


Arthritis South Australia is warning people to be cautious if they receive phone calls from someone claiming to be a doctor who tries to sell them “medications” to treat arthritis.

Arthritis SA CEO, Julie Black, said no “medication” for arthritis should be taken without consulting personally with a health care professional.

“People could place themselves at serious harm, leave themselves open to a scam, or simply pay money for no benefit if they take a product touted over a phone line, or available through the internet,” Mrs Black said.

Mrs Black said she had been told by an elderly supporter of Arthritis SA that she had received a call from a “medication” seller, claiming to be a doctor, within the last 24 hours. She was asked to pay for the product by credit card and when she could not produce the card, she was asked to have it ready for a further call an hour later.

“The lady said she felt pressured,” Mrs Black said. “She told us that when she referred to her association with Arthritis SA with the caller, the caller allegedly said that the company he was calling for was associated with Arthritis SA. This is not the case.”

Mrs Black added that it was interesting that the call was being made during Arthritis Week, with the caller taking advantage of the attention arthritis had received this week. She said the Foundation telephoned people about other matters but never to sell medications.

Anyone doubtful about the validity of a phone caller claiming to be associated with Arthritis SA, was welcome to phone the foundation (8379 5711) and check the caller’s credentials. Mrs Black added that the matter was being referred to Business & Consumer Affairs.


Interviews: Julie Black

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