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Christmas has come early for Kidslifx

Children attending the Adelaide Kidsflix Christmas events this year will be faced with a tricky decision – a choice of FOUR movies with My Little Pony, The Star, Ferdinand or Coco all being screened! This is a welcome dilemma for the hundreds of families attending whose children are living with illness, disability or at a disadvantage and in many cases face daily challenges most of us cannot begin to imagine. Many of these families either cannot afford to spend money on entertainment or have special needs that make it uncomfortable or difficult to attend movie sessions open to the general public.

Every child and family attending a Kidsflix event is sponsored by a local community member or business. The child’s family is referred to Kidsflix by local charities, schools and other organisations and is living with a wide range conditions – including juvenile arthritis – or in a disadvantaged situation. Money raised by the community for the Kidsflix program also helps Arthritis SA fund research, community education and support programs. A staggering one in four South Australians have arthritis, and Arthritis SA exists to support these people. A common misconception is that arthritis only effects the elderly however Juvenile arthritis, occurring in infants, children and young people, is one of the most common, as well as serious, persistent medical conditions of childhood.

Kidsflix events provide strong benefits for families and communities, and they also raise awareness of the impact of arthritis, which affects more than a quarter of South Australians. Since its inception, the Kidsflix program has provided opportunities for thousands of children with disabilities and special needs to go to the movies free of charge and have a wonderful time with their families and carers. The December events are even more special as Christmas time can difficult for many families who simply cannot afford or are not physically able to do the common celebrations that many other families take for granted.

If you would like to donate to the Christmas Kidsflix events please contact Arthritis SA on 08 8379 5711, email or visit