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The remote and spectacular new Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail will be traversed by a small band of people wanting to draw attention to arthritis and raise money for research into treatments in 2017.

These will be everyday South Australians, of all ages and currently all fitness levels. One could be you! Most will not have thought of doing such a trek, until reading this.

The adventure, being coordinated by Australian Holiday Centre and being held in early October 2017, will cover more than 50 kilometres and take in breaktaking vantage points along Kangaroos Island's south-western coastline. It will be four days of camping and camaraderie between eight and 20 people on one of the world's newest and most exciting hiking trails. There is a limit on the number of people on the trail at any time so seclusiion in nature's wonderland will be all but guaranteed.

This is the first time that Arthritis SA has picked a "home" destination for its trek, held every two years. Previous treks have honed in on international destinations like China, India and New Zealand.

Arthritis SA CEO Julie Black said there was "no choice" when the trail was opened last year.

"It created so much interest that we decided we just had to choose it," Julie said. "I think people suddently realised that we have a world-class attraction at our doorstep and if it's good enough for international visitors, we should experience it too. There are lots of advantages - no visas needed, no foreign currencies needed and no international travel hassles. For many South Aussies, it's also attractive because they currently feel insecure holidaying internationally.

Julie, a seasoned Arthritis SA trekker, said personal experience had shown her how satisfying completing a challenging trek to benefit others could be. Joining fellow trekkers to train for the trek helped prepare everyone and conducting simple but fun fundraising activities tightened the bond between them.

For information about the Conquer KI Wilderness Trek contact Arthristis SA's Marketing & Communications Manager, Celia Painter on 8379 5711 or