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New idea shifts fundraising into top gear

You can get a tax deductible donation by donating your old jalopy to benefit Arthritis SA.

It’s called Charity Car, a bold and innovative idea that lets you get rid of that old car threatening to rust away in the driveway by having it collected and recycled – at no cost to you – with a donation for its market value going to Arthritis SA. Arthritis SA will send you the tax deductible receipt for that value.

This is a dynamic new fundraising idea brought to Arthritis SA exclusively by car recycling network CarTakeBack, whose UK parent company has operated Charity Car in that country benefiting Arthritis UK and other charities for several years. A feature of the project is that CarTakeBack strives to use environmentally friendly practices when recycling the vehicle and it’s proud of its “green” credentials.

You can go to Charity Car’s website and get a quote for donating your clunker. Alternatively, ring Charity Car on 1800 678 175. If you decide to proceed, it will be collected by well-known haulage company U Pull It.

Charity Car can collect cars from within the greater Adelaide metropolitan area, including many fringe areas like some towns in the Adelaide Hills. It may be expanded to regional areas as it grows.