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Welcome to our new Paediatric Rheumatology Nurse Tracy Rose

The position of paediatric rheumatology nurse at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital is like “a perfect storm of a job” for Tracy Rose, who started work in the position in March.

It brings together the highs and lows of her personal and working life, but most of all, a chance to do what she loves most: support and educate children about coping strategies and healthy living.

Tracy, whose position is funded by Arthritis South Australia, has Lupus Scleroderma – she said she has probably always had it – and has natural empathy for those with chronic illnesses.

She has worked at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Ormond Street Hospital, London and the Asthma Foundation. This has been in a number of health related capacities, including demanding health education and support positions.

Tracy says she is also mum to a “little man,” her four-year-old boy.

She understands the competing demands that exist within families, especially  when one or more have medical conditions that need to be managed.