Live well with Arthritis SA programs

Arthritis SA supports a number of services and programs for people with arthritis to take steps to managing their condition.
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Current services

Reboot Your Life
MOTUM for arthritis
10 steps for living well with arthritis

Reboot Your Life: Living Well with Arthritis

FREE 10-week online program aimed at improving your wellness and giving you the knowledge and skills to live well with arthritis.
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Hydrotherapy for arthritis

For beginners and beyond, two courses and a fitness testing program will cater to all fitness levels.
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Motum for arthritis

Motum for Arthritis is a 12-week program that will help you track your progress a Physio screening before and after the program.
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10 Steps for Living Well with Arthritis Workshops

This 4 workshop course covers key ideas and learnings about arthritis. Each session builds on the teachings of the last week, so it is best to attend all sessions.
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