10 Steps for Living Well with Arthritis Workshops

This 4 workshop course covers key ideas and learnings about arthritis. Each session builds on the teachings of the last week, so it is best to attend all sessions. Sessions are held at Arthritis SA. 111A Welland Ave, Welland.
Week One

An introduction to the most common types of arthritis. Learn more about wellbeing, your healthcare team, and the steps you can
take to manage your arthritis.

Week Two

Take an in depth look at Osteoarthritis. Learn about what happens in your joints when you have arthritis and what you can do. Keeping moving and physical activity is very important in arthritis. We will give you real-life tips about what you can do.

Week Three

This week we discuss one of our most popular topics healthy eating. The effects of arthritis are not just physical. Learn ways to help, find balance, take care of your wellbeing arthritis aids you could use.

Week Four

Learn more about arthritis pain and practical tips to try in daily life. Tips for the future and putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

This is a free series, booking is essential, please contact us to secure your place.
To register your interest:

1800 011 041

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