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Arthritis SA - Tax Appeal 2019

Please make your TAX DEDUCTABLE donation today and help us to help.

In South Australia over 300,000 people and their families live with the daily pain and crippling effects of Arthritis.

Almost every family in South Australia is touched by one of the over 100 conditions generally referred to as “Arthritis”. While 1 in 4 people in SA already live with Arthritis, this number is expected to rise significantly in coming years.

Who do you know living with Arthritis?

Please meet Patrick

Patrick today seems like any other active 11 year old.

Seeing him on the footy field, you probably wouldn't notice that he has lived with Arthritis for almost all of his young life. Patrick was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when he was only six. As children grow and move through the different stages of development their needs change.

For their parents, these changes often bring extra challenges. Questions about age-appropriate supports, exercises and personal guidance arise.

This is why the Arthritis Help Line is so valued by families.

For over 20 years our team of specialist arthritis educators have been available to answer questions of concerned parents, provide helpful information and offer emotional support when it is needed most.

The Arthritis Help Line is funded 100% by donations.

Will you help us to keep this support available by donating today?

Description Price Quantity Total
$500 Tax Appeal Donation $500 $ 0
$250 Tax Appeal Donation $250 $ 0
$100 Tax Appeal Donation $100 $ 0
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