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Team Profiles

Arthritis South Australia has a diverse workforce with extraordinary skill sets and invests in them. We believe in the importance and value of providing ongoing training, support and encouragement of employees and volunteers. Arthritis SA is an equal employment opportunity company and promotes an ageless workforce.

Smith, Colette
Colette Smith President Read more Email Me
Gill, Dr Tiffany
Dr Tiffany Gill Vice President Read more
Graf, Dr Scott
Dr Scott Graf Medical Director Read more
Martin, Scott
Scott Martin Treasurer Read more
Adair, Alison
Alison Adair Secretary Read more
Waterford, David
David Waterford Director Read more
Dunlevey, Danielle
Danielle Dunlevey Board Member Read more
Herriot, Michele
Michele Herriot Board Member Read more
Young, Anne
Anne Young Director Read more
Black, Julie
Julie Black Chief Executive Officer Read more Email Me
Harrison, Tanya
Tanya Harrison Contact Centre Manager Read more Email Me
Chak, Olivia
Olivia Chak Accountant Read more Email Me